“Just wanted to say what a terrific show Miss Nightingale was.  The story was really strong, delivered with humour, brilliant acting and music.  Have never felt moved to send fan-mail before, so you know we felt the show was very special.” Jenny and Paul, Ipswich

“Had a fantastic time tonight, loved every second of the show.  It was my first ever trip to the theatre and I’m so glad my hubby picked your show to take me to” Kay, Ipswich

“I just felt I must write to you to congratulate you on Miss Nightingale.  I came to see it last night for my 45th birthday and was blown away.  It was both funny and moving and so well sung and acted.  I wish it was on for longer as I would definitely be coming again if I could.” Jo, Ipswich

“Been to see your show twice. Fell in love with all the characters & the story.” Louise, Ipswich

“I came to see Miss N last night with a group of friends.  I thought it was absolutely stunning!  None of us wanted it to end!  We loved it, loved it, loved it! We are all fairly serious theatre groupies so do go a lot and see a lot of stuff so we can be very critical!  Testament to your lib, score and cast that none of us could find fault with anything!  The set was excellent, slick changes etc and absolutely did the job.  We loved the musical instruments and the band being on the stage.  Brilliant.” Ruth, Doncaster

“I absolutely loved it! – It’s a brilliant show and deserves packed houses everywhere you go.  The songs were fantastic, and it was a pleasant surprise to hear some of the more tender tunes – Mr Nightingale was heartbreaking. Graham, Doncaster

“I loved every minute of it!!  I need the soundtrack in my life…” Donna, Birmingham

“Miss Nightingale is a stunning new musical.  Such a hilarious and heart melting score.” Ella, Birmingham

“An amazing ensemble of talented performers in Miss Nightingale tonight!  Very clever, very funny and very brave” Gwennan, Mold

“Fantastic show. It was the most original thing I’ve seen in ages.  Funny, emotional and entertaining all in one show.  Big thank you to all the very talented cast and crew” Julie, Leeds

“WOW!  Incredible! Thoroughly enjoyed it, was brilliant, I have never seen a show like it, so witty and brilliantly written, such at talented cast as well!  Super!” Jeni, Leeds

“What a fantastic show!!!!!  Over 20 ladies from Bramhope WI attended the City Varieties last night and the verdict was unanimous we all thought it was brilliant.” Sue, Leeds

“Exceptional performance!  Well written, acted and sung!  A tour de force from a formidable cast.  Watch out for this musical next time around!  You have to see it.  You will not be disappointed!” Steven, Sheffield

“Miss Nightingale one of the best shows I’ve ever seen ever!!” Flick, Sheffield

“This was the best theatre show I have been to. Everything live no backing tracks. The dancing was brilliant, the dancing with instruments was amazing.  Storyline no waffle.  A lot of big shows I have seen haven’t done half as much as this for me, it never stopped hitting. Thank you for a night to remember.” Tony, Sheffield

“Wow wow wow! The show last night was truly amazing, love seeing new work, please tell me this is touring again in the future” Ben, Sheffield

“WOW!  What an amazing production and superb acting I am totally speechless after the thrill of seeing something so incredible.  A real must see show and the best theatre production I have enjoyed in years.  An amazing show” Jonathan, Sheffield

“I got my mum front row tickets for her Mother’s Day present and I really didn’t know if it would be her cup of tea or not but she loved it!!  As did I!” Lizzie, Nottingham

“First ever theatre show I have really enjoyed … loved every minute of it, engaging from beginning to end. What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. FABULOUS” Lorraine, Nottingham

“Absolutely loved the show tonight! A bright future for new British musicals!  Brilliant!” Max, Southampton

“I really enjoyed it and am truly glad that Miss Nightingale exists. People need to support new musicals – sweet and in parts funny and pleasingly sad” Amy, Southampton

“A whole day later and I’m still over-excited.  We went to see Matilda last month – because I love some of Tim Minchin’s songs – your songs were much better, funnier and more interesting.” Wendy, Southampton

“Superb show!  I can’t decide what was actually the best: humor? catchy songs? compelling story with important issues? fantastic musicians? flawless singers? great actors? …the list goes on.  “Miss Nightingale” has it all!” Marge, Southampton

“The best production I have been to.  My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed the acting, music and comedy. Thank you so much for putting on a brilliant show!” Debbie, Southampton

“Great to see a new musical, especially one so poignant and powerful as this one, with great performances by the talented cast most of whom also play in the band to accompany the songs which are thoughtful, saucy or powerful to fit the mood.” David, Salford

“It’s over a week since I travelled from mid Wales to see the show in Manchester and I’m still thinking about it every day and wishing I could see it again.  I laughed and cried, thanks to the great talent.” Polly, Wales

“It was AMAZING! STUNNING – laughter, tears, incredible comedy, wonderful songs, and heart-warming relationships.  I highly recommend going to see it. Miss Nightingale ROCKS!” Fleur, Cheltenham

“May I offer my thanks and congratulations for the performance yesterday.  Everything was excellent. Excellent story, excellent production, the best I have seen for a very long time.” Roger, Cheltenham

“AMAZING! It was fantastic!  I would have paid triple to see your show!” Pixie, London

“We absolutely loved it!  My husband isn’t a musical person and was a bit worried about whether he’d enjoy it or not but he really did.  My only problem was I can’t stop singing ‘The Pussy Song’ – this happened last time, it got stuck in my head for WEEKS!!” Jeanine, London

“What a sheer pleasure, I didn’t want it to end.  It had everything from start to finish, fantastic fresh comedy, great writing and memorable songs and intimate staging.  Thank you.” Helen, London

“I’ve had 12 hours to ‘reflect’ about ‘Miss Nightingale’ & I’ll never get these songs out my head, ever!  … Just lovely to see such beauty and passion on stage” Nigel, London

“Simply brilliant!  What a fantastic show, oozing with talent.  All my friends loved it and were so impressed with the great performances.  I’m coming again on Friday.” Jess, London

“F***ing awsome!  Everyone should see it!  #amazingshow.  Truly brill.” Chrys, London

“Fantastic show – my husband and I came to see it on Wednesday evening.  Really thoroughly enjoyed it.  I wish you all the best and have no doubt it will go far!” Alexandra, Windsor

“Just been to see the last night at Windsor – fantastic amazing show, great cast and stunning music. Thanks for a truly amazing show – incredibly versatile and talented crew and fantastic songs.  I had a fabulous time!!” Alison, Windsor

This is just a tiny selection of the hundreds of lovely comments we have received by Tweet, email and from Facebook about our previous five tours of ‘Miss Nightingale – the musical’

MISS NIGHTINGALE THE MUSICAL by Matthew Bugg is a Mr Bugg Presents Production.

Contact us: Matthew Bugg, Artistic Director on mrbugg@me.com or Tobias Oliver, Co-director on tobiasoliver@me.com